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Energy Storage Systems

Optimization and Applications

Editors: V. K. Mathew, Tapano Kumar Hotta, Hafiz Muhammad Ali, Senthilarasu Sundaram

Publisher: Springer Nature Singapore

Scopus Publication | 20+ Chapters | 80+ Authors | International Publication

Hybrid Genetic Optimization for IC Chips Thermal Control

With MATLAB® Applications

Editors: V.K.Mathew, Tapano Kumar Hotta

Domain Specialization Chapters | International Publication | Thermal Guide

Performance Analysis on Heat Transfer Enhancement Techniques

Scopus Publication | Domain Specialization | 10+ Authors | International Publication

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International Conference on Energy and City of the Future (EVF’2019)

Scopus Publication | 80+ Papers Published | 150+ Authors | 6+ Countries Participated | International Publication

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ICATIA is an international conference that brings together engineers, research scholars, and students to engage with leading technology experts. We provide a platform to showcase new equipment, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative procedures.