Ignite Innovation, Elevate Your Brand: Become an ICATIA 2024 Sponsor

Protean Tech Services prepares to host the International Conference on Advance Technologies and Intelligent Automation (ICATIA 2024). But ICATIA 2024 isn't just another conference; it's a global phenomenon waiting to unfold, and we invite you to join us as a sponsor and ignite your brand's journey to new heights.

Why Partner with ICATIA 2024?

Become a Global Game Changer: ICATIA 2024 isn't just regional; it's a melting pot of minds from across the globe. As a sponsor, you'll gain unparalleled visibility, showcasing your commitment to innovation to a diverse audience of industry leaders, researchers, and decision-makers.

Forge Enduring Connections: This isn't just about exposure; it's about building lasting relationships. Network with key stakeholders, experts, and potential clients in your field, sparking collaborations and partnerships that can propel your business forward.

Solidify Your Thought Leadership: Align your brand with the cutting edge. ICATIA 2024 promises groundbreaking discussions, breakthroughs, and innovations in technology, industry, and science. By sponsoring, you become a part of this dynamic ecosystem and solidify your position as a thought leader.

Tailored Marketing, Maximum Impact: We understand every brand has unique goals. That's why we offer a variety of sponsorship packages to perfectly fit your marketing objectives. Choose the platform that best suits your needs and maximize your brand's impact.

ICATIA 2024 isn't just a conference; it's an ignition point for the future. By becoming a sponsor, you become a part of the spark, the force that drives innovation and shapes tomorrow. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your brand, forge connections, and ignite your journey to success.

Join us at ICATIA 2024. Let's make the future brighter, together.

Remember, this is just a starting point! Feel free to add specific speaker names, highlight unique conference features, or mention exclusive sponsor benefits to further personalize the message and captivate potential sponsors.

Sponsorship Details

Platinum | Rs. 1 lakhs

Registration waiver for 5 attendees from the company. Logo on brochures, flyers, proceedings, website (large font), Facebook, Instagram. Will be Promoted across all Participants

Diamond | Rs. 75000

· Registration waiver for 4 attendees from the company

· Logo on brochures, flyers, Proceedings, Facebook

Gold | Rs. 50000

· Registration waiver for 3 attendees from the company

· Logo on brochures, flyers, proceedings, website (small size)

Silver | Rs. 25000

· Registration waiver for 2 attendees from the company

· Website (small size). Will be Promoted across all Participants

Customization : At ICATIA 2024, we nurture innovation. That's why we offer custom sponsorship packages that act as fertile ground for your brand's growth. We'll provide the resources, the exposure, the connections you need to blossom into a leader in your field. Tell us your aspirations, and we'll help you craft a customized plan that fuels your brand's journey from seed to spotlight. Together, let's cultivate a thriving partnership that bears fruit for years to come.

Contact Us:

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, benefits, and pricing, please contact our dedicated sponsorship team at icatia@proteantechservices.in. We’ll be delighted to discuss how partnering with ICATIA 2024 can benefit your organization and contribute to the success of this premier event.

Join us as a sponsor and be part of the ICATIA 2024 experience. Elevate your brand, connect with industry leaders, and shape the future of technology, industry, and scientific innovation.