Developments in Pharmacy

  • General clinical pharmacology

  • Pharmacists role in patient safety

  • Clinical pharmacy and its key role in treatment

  • Dispensing pharmacy and analysis chemists

  • Clinical pharmacy: Activities and prescriptions

  • Clinical drug development and therapeutics

  • Pharmacy and medicinal chemistry

  • Advanced drug delivery research

  • Clinical immunology

  • Clinical pharmacy and therapeutics

  • Neuropharmacology

  • Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

  • Psychopharmacology

Papers are invited on below topics but not limited to

  • Cardiovascular pharmacology

  • Ethanopharmacology

  • Pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics

  • Toxicology and toxinology

  • Pharmacoepidemiology and pharmaco-economics

  • Drug screening and discovery

  • Advances In pharmacological research

  • Ocular pharmacology

  • Biochemical pharmacology

  • Pharmacological testing

  • Nursing pharmacology

  • Market analysis of pharmacology

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