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Control Systems and Mechanical Engineering, Aerodynamics, Applied Mechanics and Control Systems, Computational Mechanics and Techniques, Dynamics and Vibration, Energy Engineering and Management, Fluid dynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Machinery, Fuels and Combustion, Instrumentation and Control, Material science and Processing, Mechatronics and Mechanical Design, Mechanical Power Engineering, Nanomaterial Engineering, New and Renewable Energy, Pc Guided Design and Manufacture, Plasticity Mechanics, Pollution and Environmental Engineering, Power-train Solutions, Powertrain Technology, Precision Mechanics, Mechatronics, Production Technology, Robotic Automation and Control, Textile and Leather Technology, Vehicle Design and Manufacturing, Vehicle Dynamics and Intelligent Control Systems, Vehicle Safety, Thermodynamics, Transportation Systems, Mechanical Sciences, Crash Safety, Vehicle Dynamics

Papers are invited on below topics but not limited to

Electric Vehicle

Artificial Intelligence in

Electric vehicle wireless power transfer systems in smart grids, Energy management and coordination of energy generation with smart charging of Electric vehicles, vehicle to grid and energy storage to enhance grid stability, increase energy Autonomy and reduce carbon footprint, Eco system and system architecture for electric mobility, Electric vehicle design, modelling and optimization, Hybrid electric vehicles for energy and environment assessment, Automotive and grid scale applications for sustainability assessment, Power supply management for an electric vehicle, Car software and electronics architecture, Electric vehicle life cycle assessment, Electric vehicles charging systems in industrial, commercial, and residential scenarios, Technology for electric vehicle scheduling of charging and discharging, Based optimal planning of electric vehicle infrastructure, Techniques utilized in multi-agent systems for electric vehicles, A deep learning algorithm for optimal power distribution based on prediction for EVs, Sustainability and the Future of Transportation, Ethical Considerations and Safety Concerns

Configurations of Electric Vehicles

Performance of Electric Vehicles, Traction Motor Characteristics and its transmission, Electric Propulsion Systems (DC Motor Drives, Induction Motor Drives, Switched Reluctance Motor Drives etc.), Battery Management System, Balancing systems for the cells, the batteries and the packs. Ageing of batteries, State of Health estimation, End of Life criteria definition for second life batteries, Design methodologies of the second life battery system, Architecture of the second life battery system, Management of the second life battery system, Techno-economic and market analysis, Life cycle assessment of second life battery applications, Market volumes for second life batteries, Alternatives for ageing vehicle batteries beside the stationary market, Safety issues for batteries, Crash Safety of Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles, Guidelines for Battery Crash Safety and Post-Crash Safe Handling, Mechanical Aspect (includes controlled crush, penetration, drop, immersion, Impact roll-over simulation, vibration, and mechanical shock), Electrical and Thermal Aspects, Safety risks of aged batteries, Risks, Requirements and Solutions out of the Crash Safety Point of View, Crash safety by regulation and standard

Thermal Management

Application of machine learning to battery thermal management, Passive and Active cooling techniques for battery cooling, Multiphase heat transfer for battery thermal management, Application of complex fluids (including Nano fluids) to battery thermal management, Hybridized cooling techniques applied to batteries, Multiscale simulations with the inclusion of electrochemistry, Novel techniques for battery thermal management, Energy and thermo-economic analysis of battery thermal management, Applications of phase change materials and integration with other energy systems, 


Wind Tunnel Testing, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Aeroacoustics, Lighter-Than-Air Systems, Aerodynamic Design, Structural Analysis, Smart Material for Aerospace Structure, Composite Materials, Structural Design and Optimization, Aeroelasticity, Gas Turbine Engines, Heat Transfer, Combustion, Turbomachinery, Electric propulsion, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Guidance and Control, Microelectronics, Autonomous Flight Control

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