Computer Science & IT Engineering

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Neural Network and Fuzzy System, Soft Computing, Generative AI, Evolutionary computations, Expert Systems, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, Robotics and its Automation, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition, Web Agents and Web Intelligence

Papers are invited on below topics but not limited to

Big Data Analytics

Information Retrieval, Data Warehousing, Data Mining and Web Mining, Big Data Analytics, Data Science, Rough Set Theory, Business Intelligence

Networks and Cloud Computing

IoT and its applications, Embedded Systems and Computing, Information Security System, High-Performance Computing, , biquitous Computing, Remote Sensing, Web Services and Web Technologies, Wireless Communication and Sensor Networks, Microservices

Interdisciplinary Topics

Knowledge and Information Management, Management of Digital Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing, Content Management System, E-commerce and Mobile Commerce, Development of Assistive Technology, Environmentalism and Sustainability, E-health for Public Health, Business Process Lifecycle Management, Supply Chain and Logistic Management, Management Information Systems, AI in Business Management, Social Science and Information Technology, Digital Media Technologies, BioInformatics

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